Not just do some preachers vacation with armed bodyguards, but some have these bodyguards on the pulpit or around the pulpit, in church! This begs the problem, “Why does a preacher require bodyguards in church, and even so on the system or around the pulpit?”

Lately, I accidentally discovered articles on a website that featured an interview with Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor of Town of Refuge in Los Angeles, California. A specific paragraph in the content found my attention. About Bishop Jones, the writer wrote:

“Several personalities, actresses, performers, and different superstars attend his church. He herself moves with armed bodyguards. On a normal Wednesday morning, there are many bodyguards present, two of whom can be found on the church platform. The others are often carefully found in the church building.”

In the context of the content, the writer was fascinated by the fact superstars attend Bishop Jones’ church. But even more so, he was fascinated by the fact Bishop Jones has armed bodyguards! As though God allows special prizes to the preacher most abundant in superstars in attendance or the most armed bodyguards.

Now, I don’t know if the writer is just Religious or not. But the fact he feels that the preacher having armed bodyguards is remarkable addresses his spiritual maturity, moreso his information (or lack thereof) of the Bible or living of Jesus and the Early Disciples. Nevertheless, the writer isn’t the matter here. The matter is the concept of preachers having bodyguards.

Why does a preacher require an armed bodyguard? Could it be due to a preacher’s hard-hitting, unpopular and controversial sermons? Could it be due to a preacher’s hostile environment? Or can it be only due to a preacher’s pride, and his/her obsession for the things of the planet and to appear like the planet?

Whenever you contemplate it, many preachers with armed bodyguards don’t fall in the class of those preachers with hard-hitting, unpopular, controversial sermons bodyguard service in London. Several of these sermons are anything but controversial or unpopular. The subject of fact, many of these preachers preach to the gallery, i.e.; they preach what individuals need to hear: prosperity, healing, self-empowerment, etc. Therefore, why could a people-pleasing preacher have armed bodyguards?

I could fairly be sympathetic toward a hard-hitting, unpopular, and controversial preacher, residing in a hostile environment, having bodyguards. Say a preacher in Iraq or Saudi Arabia or some other places which can be hostile to Christianity. Although not preachers who preach what individuals need to hear, and residing in the freest country in the world – America.

Speaking of hard-hitting, unpopular, and controversial preachers, no one was hard-hitting, unpopular, or controversial as Jesus Christ and the Early Disciples, however not one of them had bodyguards. These guys were therefore controversial and unpopular that they certainly were killed for his or her unpopular teachings.

If anyone needed bodyguards, I think it would have been Jesus and a number of the Early Disciples; for their unpopular teachings and since they preached in hostile environments. However, they didn’t. When Peter attempted to behave like Jesus’ bodyguard when He was caught before His crucifixion, Jesus rebuked him for chopping off the ear of one of the guys that stumbled on arrest Him and put right back the man’s ear.

“…If these preachers were Jesus, the girl with the matter of blood might have died in her sickness, because she couldn’t get near them to touch the hem of this garment…”

Therefore, why then do some preachers genuinely have bodyguards? If you question me, I’ll say it’s for their obsession to appear and behave like the world. A-listers in the world have bodyguards, therefore why not these preachers who consider themselves superstars? They decided if having bodyguards shows their star status, then they may as well have them.

For many of these preachers, having bodyguards is just about a pride thing than it’s for protection. And when it is for safety, it’s not for their unpopular, rightly-divided sermons. At most readily useful, it’s safety for his or her worldly things – their high-priced pieces of jewelry, custom fits, mansions, etc.

If it is for safety, I don’t believe a preacher would want bodyguards’ position about him in a church such as the Leader of United Claims at a State of the Union address. Protection from who? An embittered member? A psycho? Think about it now! I think this full bodyguard craze is more a pride thing than it’s for protection.

Some of those preachers are very big-headed and remote from individuals that you can’t touch with the common ten-foot pole. And if these preachers were Jesus, the girl with the matter of blood might have died in her sickness, because she couldn’t get near them to touch the hem of this outfit (Mark 5:25-34). Or if a person’s healing was determined by pressing these preachers, that person had a greater start making funeral arrangements.

But not so with Jesus. Jesus was therefore near to the persons they could touch the hem of His garment. Therefore close that He didn’t know who handled Him because the audience pushed against Him. You can’t push against someone with a bodyguard!

And once the disciples at still another time wished to perform bodyguard for Jesus by stopping children from visiting Him, Jesus rebuked them, expressing, “Allow the toddlers arrive at Me, and don’t restrict them; for of such may be the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16

Now, as outstanding as some of those preachers believe that they are or need persons to think they’re, not one of them is as outstanding as Billy Graham. Not close! However, I’ve never seen Billy Graham with bodyguards. Not when he preaches in open sides, wherever he could be an easy goal for an assassin’s bullet. Who understands, perhaps he’s some protection facts when he moves, (which I doubt) but I’ve never seen any about him or around the podium when he’s preaching. This is among the reasons why I’m difficult to convince that these preachers with bodyguards aren’t ego-tripping.

I think that the reason why Jesus and the Early Disciples (even Billy Graham?) didn’t have bodyguards is basically that they created themselves with no reputation. They lived to do the will of the Father alone. And if they’d to die for the gospel benefit, therefore be it. That has been why they certainly were not afraid to die doing the will of the Father.

Not too with some of those preachers, today. These preachers live for themselves. Therefore, they’re afraid to die for Christ’s sake. And once you live on your own, you’re afraid to die. If not they wouldn’t have therefore several armed bodyguards about them.

One thing I discover interesting about us, Christians, is how much we speak about paradise; how beautiful it’s, how we look forward to planning, etc., however the majority of us aren’t prepared to move now if offered! Why? Since we love the planet and the things of the planet a lot more than we love paradise or the Father. But that’s still another subject for still another day. But I digress…

Getting back once again to the subject…Here is my take…as far as I’m concerned; this full concept of preachers having bodyguards proves a very important factor — a preacher’s selfishness. Therefore, show me a preacher with bodyguards, and I’ll demonstrate a self-serving preacher, pressing his agenda, and not Christ’s.

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