Pro wrestlers are well-known for their athletic skills and entertainment performances. Although many wrestlers are considered attractive, this was not a requirement. The few who did improve their body image were the best. Here’s a list with five of the most iconic physiques in sports entertainment history.

Rocky Johnson – Rocky Johnson is the father of The Rock. He was one of the very first professional wrestlers who actually took care of his body. Most wrestlers back then looked like Dusty Rhodes with their beer guts sticking out of their trunks. Rocky Johnson is different! He was 6’4″ tall and weighed in at 260 lbs, even though he was constantly surrounded with overweight and out-of-shape colleagues. Rocky Johnson was an impressive sight with his muscular physique and set of abs.

Rick Rude: A Ravishing Man – Rick Rude stated that men desired to be like him, and women desired to be with him at the peak of his career. His body was more like that of a bodybuilder than a fitness model, and he may have been right. He was a more polarizing star than John Cena because of this. His performance on stage would be met with boos and cheers by all the women.

Triple H – Triple H was a bodybuilder long before he started What sports wrestling. He didn’t quit when he began wrestling. He did not keep his body in good shape throughout his career but he did manage to stay strong. Triple H was at his best in Wrestlemania 18 when he faced Chris Jericho to win the undisputed title.

Batista – Batista’s impressive physique has been evident since the beginning of his professional wrestling career. He was 6′ 5″ tall and 318 lbs. His shoulders and traps are his best parts. They are so muscular, he almost looks like a grizzly bear. His chest is his weakest area. He is an athletic, well-built man who has a lot of athleticism, even though he’s a bit over-billed.

The Rock – The Rock is a result of his exceptional genetics or his strong work ethic. Although he doesn’t have the most impressive abs, his chest, arms, chest, and shoulders are all perfect. He gained muscle during his last run in the wrestling business, but it was most likely between 1999 and 2000 that he reached his peak.

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